Since the desginer’s debut in 2002
‘HANA TO GUITAR’has received acclaim for its designs by both Japanese and international renowned boutiques flagt stores.
The shop/workshop ‘flower & guitar’ was opened in Shibuya, Tokyo in 2007.
‘HANA TO GUITAR ’creates an evocative and nostalgic world of hand-made arts and crafts harmonizing with warm and mellow colors.
【HANA TO GUITAR = Flower and Guitar】
HANA: Generous, Loving, Forgiving
GUITAR: Protesting, Peaceful, Gentle
Energetic yet delicate and melancholic; like a story of an adolescent girl.
The girl who behaves unexpectedly and shows different faces every single moment.
Tiny things, that look even silly to somebody else, can make her happy as well as sad.
Time goes on, all the things become memories of her brilliant days.
One day, she may write a song gathering her feelings from experiences.
There are flowers and a guitar beside her.